4th International Conference
Plagiarism across Europe
and Beyond 2018

9th-11th May 2018
Ephesus, Turkey

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‘Fostering academic integrity through consistent and transparent approaches’

Full-Text Manuscript Submission

There are three publication options for the full texts of papers presented at the conference: Delegates whose papers are accepted unconditionally may submit their full text manuscripts.

  • Article in International Journal for Educational Integrity
    • Presenters of “papers” and “workshops” are eligible.
  • Chapter in the Peter Lang book
    • Presenters of “papers” and “workshops” can submit.
  • Chapter in the Nobel Press book
    • Any presenter can submit.

The International Journal for Educational Integrity, which is published by Springer Open, will publish a special issue for selected papers with a fee waiver. The abstracts of all accepted papers to be presented at the conference will go through an initial review process by Professor Tracey Bretag, the editor of the journal, who will invite selected authors to consider submitting their full texts to undergo peer review by the editorial board of the International Journal for Educational Integrity. Please note that being invited to submit the abstract does not guarantee that the full text of the paper will be accepted for publication in the International Journal for Educational Integrity. Professor Bretag will invite the selected authors to submit their full texts in the late February 2018. Only the authors whose papers are selected will receive a notification from Professor Bretag. Please follow the instructions of Professor Bretag regarding the manuscript submission to the journal.

In addition, an edited international book will be published by Peter Lang. The book will be catalogued by the US Library of CongressElsevier Scopus database. Please note that the publication of full papers is subject to rigorous review by the scientific board of the conference. The corresponding author of each chapter will receive a free hard copy book. Additional copies of the book will be available at the rate of €44.95.

Finally, an e-book will also be published by Nobel Press to cover the studies that are not to be included either in the journal of International Journal for Educational Integrity or in the Peter Lang book. Please note that the publication of full papers in the Nobel Press e-book is also subject to rigorous review by the scientific board of the conference.

Please consider the following important dates for full-text manuscript submission to be considered for possible inclusion in the Peter Lang and the Nobel Press books:

Manuscript submission deadlineMarch 30, 2018
Distribution of first round review reportsApril 30, 2018
Revised manuscript submission deadlineMay 30, 2018
Distribution of second round review reportsJune 30, 2018
Manuscript final version submission deadlineJuly 15, 2018
Publication of the booksNovember 30, 2018

Full-Text Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Please consider the following guidelines while preparing your manuscript for review purposes. For any other issues that unstated in this document, please refer to APA (6th ed.) guidelines.